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Looked for relationship deathbed confessions, got this!

We evolved to be social creatures to give us the greatest chances of survival. Urban-living can challenge that, yet deep satisfaction possible comes from the most fulfilling relationships. We may be extremely stressed and alone, and a gathering of friends who truly have our backs, can relax us like nothing else. I embrace the cliche about the deathbed being the place where the importance of relationships is finally experienced. The grades or cash or gains over Jones next door won't make the cut. We want those who loved us and those who we love to be near when we are ill. What's so different in the extreme of that? We reap what we sow... rejecting authentic relationships in favour of material gains will only satisfy temporarily, until the next need comes. So I was searching the net for an appropriate collage of sorts of people's last days that shared the importance of relationships. Then I found this...

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