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Grief and anger can freeze in the heart

This month the families of 96 victims crushed in the 1989 Hillsborough Football Disaster were informed their loved ones were unlawfully killed.

"...a catalogue of failings by police and the ambulance services contributed to their deaths, the jury at the new inquests into the disaster has determined." (Guardian, 26 April 2016)

This verdict provides some solace to their families, who were already grieving and additionally burdened with misplaced blame over the deaths. Shock can freeze a tragic moment in one's mind because it is too painful to process. It becomes something that is logically understood but emotionally remote and maybe even surreal. The mind may slowly process the emotional response over time, as and when the person's resources are available for that. But when this is complicated by other elements, resolving is understandably not possible.

There was tremendous relief and jubilation amongst supporters and families, who cheered the verdict. Many sang Liverpool's anthem, 'You'll never walk alone.'

We bow our heads to the victims, many who were still at school. May their souls rest in peace.

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