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A group for connecting and sharing information, skills, tools and techniques for maintaining balance, managing stress and keeping up our sense of humour - after all humans think, perform and live better and healthier lives with balance and relaxation. Homeostasis is where it's at... our optimal state that is. 

Members get free access to the adjacent-mentioned Group Tapping Sessions.

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Stress Management & Resilience Workshop Sessions

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Every organisation has at one time or other other, and often chronically, a level of stress. This affects turnover through productivity, morale and loyalty to the company as well as retention of good team members and their knowledge and experience.

This workshop is aimed at individual level for elevating understanding, action and performance in the face of stressful demands, because it is individuals who make an organisation. 

Please contact me directly below for tailor-made or standard workshop discussions.

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Online Group Tapping Sessions


"Thank you so much. This is bringing much needed balance in the week." - Group attendee

"I slept really well after this, and now also listen to the relaxation and clearing audio regularly"

The Group sessions are free for members of the adjacent-mentioned Facebook Group and minimally priced for others.

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Co-Hosting, Producing, Curating Arts Pan

I have curated festival events along with curating, hosting, co-producing, and also media ambassadorship.

With a background in corporate, technology and the arts, I am comfortable melding the areas as well as working with people in these sectors.

If you have thoughts for an event, just get in touch for an initial chat or brainstorm and we'll see what works best. 

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1-2-1 Coaching

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"Seeing shifts happen"  "makes change possible"

Single 75 min Session
7 Sessions, pay for 6

Muscle Relaxation, Cleansing & Healing Energy Exercise 

"Helps me sleep. Thank you!!"

"This is fabulous! Just Brilliant!"

"Amazing! This helped me feel so relaxed. 

Thank you so much!"

"This is fabulous! Just Brilliant!"

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Next Project...

"Turning Live De-Stressible Me Workshops into 


Stress Management 

Relaxation Audio

"Soothing and relaxing"

1-2-1 Coaching
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Initial 45m Chat
(contact me below for a chat and see if we are a coaching match)
Single 75 min Session
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7 Sessions, pay for 6
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Hi! Well you know my name. Below is a little about me.

I am a writer, trainer, producer and coach. Like many others, I first started earning as a kid with leaflet dropping, newspapers, shopwork, etc. Then the serious stuff - a Computing and Business degree, which led to coding and systems auditing within technology, financial and banking institutions. At one of those, I was coding a graphics module and talked about doing that for a 3d animation film. I didn’t know about Pixar then and that can be the ‘sliding doors’ element in my story.


Coding’s great because it’s a lot about ideas and creative problem-solving, but at the time, it really didn’t have a cool status. There was no geek chic or nerds ruling the world. My work was in various serious consultancies and an investment bank before I got on to a fantastic graduate trainee scheme with a global news and financial information company. I am still in touch with my fellow grads, as well as a whole load of friends I made there. Life is all about the people and relationships.


At the news company, I inadvertently ended up leading critical, high-stakes global technology projects. It started off as filling gaps during restructures and ended up with permanent roles. That made me realise I could do much more than I thought. I later headed a trading subsidiary's Global Projects Group and implemented a transformation programme. The work was as much technical and management as it was coaching and mentoring. Long hours across America, Europe and Asia time zones, but also plenty of travel and a good social life. I really could have carried on. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened. After all, I had senior leadership sharing that they thought I would stay and carry on, up to Board level. 


However, I’d started having a nagging feeling that I ought to be doing something in the helping professions. At the same time, I was coming out of a toxic personal situation, and felt I could help others. So when an opportunity arose for exploring alternative passions, I took it up. I enjoyed writing and travel, so did some field research, did a Creative Writing MA, and started my novel, Lifewalla, which was inspired by survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster, and raised funds for clinics at its launch.  


My other writing includes a Penguin Decibel prize story, long-listings in international competitions and staged readings produced by theatre companies. I have also delivered a private biography for a HNWI Industrialist. Currently, I am writing a sitcom pilot and creating a collaborative novel. That’s the writing part of my life.


Alongside, I did a Masters level PgDip in Psychology, where my research project was on stress management and I also trained in various complementary modalities, including co-active coaching, EFT, NLP, Theta, Emotrance, and Reiki. I applied my knowledge and experience to 1-2-1 coaching, talks and workshops with organisations. I am also developing a series of e-courses to make the experiential training more accessible and affordable globally. This is important to me because I truly believe the world would gain immense positive domino effects on wellbeing and relationships if people could easily manage their triggers and reactions.


My impetus for this has strengthened from my experience working with people ranges across corporate, freelance and voluntary work - including global leadership roles, producing and hosting local events, teaching in desert villages, co-ordinating earthquake rescue efforts, helpline listening and prisoner training and more. People are broadly the same all over. We have the same emotional canvas and evolutionary responses. These techniques can work across the spectrum, broadly speaking. Imagine that world!

As you browse the site, I hope you enjoy the radio interviews, panel shows, meditation recordings and my trials at standup. Do send any feedback you have. I look forward to having a chat with you.   - NJR

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