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Changing your life/problem immediately

How is it possible to change your life or problem immediately? With the perspectives exercise, that's how. You can do it using any vehicle, but basically you imagine someone else, then imagine embodying them and looking through their eyes at your life or problem. The problem gives a focus to compare, but even a generic review will provide a different view. It could be worse, better or simply different. The exercise is to remind us how we look at things defines our feelings about it. Taking it further, you can get opinions about your life from the 'people you have embodied'. This is most effective when you physically stand/imagine yourself in the space you see them standing. Then see your life from there. I have been to several courses that teach something similar, and for good reason. It enables us to explore new sets of parameters and possibilities from different vantage points. So the easiest way to do this here is to ask you to look through the photos below and imagine yourself in the shoes of one person in each photo, looking at you now through that person's eyes.

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