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Why are we really here?

Why are we really here? Why am I really here? I have no real answers. This post will simply discuss various issues that surround the subject of life purpose, a question I assume many ask from time to time. On a day-to-day basis, I am writing, helping to organise a screenwriting conference and putting together a significant birthday bash for my significant other. But that's not the life purpose we are referring to. What is the reason we individually exist on the earth at all? If you speak to evolutionists, there isn't a grand plan and therefore no magic answer. Presumably that means they don't worry about a life purpose: we are simply an organic product of circumstances. In the future, we may evolve to be slightly different to suit survival pressures. e.g. in a few million years, we may have industrial strength toxin removers inside or outside our bodies, assuming Man is still around. However, if you do believe in a life purpose, it seems there are different options. There is the God route. He has determined your life, yet it's a bugger to find someone convincing enough about that not to need proof from. Belief is the operative word here. Under this umbrella, good deeds play a reciprocal part. Religion defines the rules. And you like it or lump it. The other possibility is that you make your own destiny. This could be on a practical basis, e.g. working hard for your wins, etc. Or it could be the nature/nurture route where your internal mental framework and your external surroundings by and large define what you believe you can be, and therefore your possible life purpose, which could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Arguably this is still a product of circumstances... every thought, event, emotion, etc, is a configuration of atoms and imbalances cause jumping of electrons to create balance, which in turn become events, etc. That last bit is my own common-sense view and not a scientifically proven truth that I know of. Regardless, having a purpose in life can make it seem more worthy. One can get deeper satisfaction following what one believes to be one's path. And it's more likely you can get more resources and have more stamina to go the distance if your purpose seems congruent to your inner being. So is 'finding yourself', identifying your life purpose, etc all really about knowing what keeps you balanced inside? What do you really want... a multi-million pound business, or the satisfaction of knowing you have created that yourself and therefore must be talented, organised, hard-working, etc, and able to accept yourself. Here's an exercise that could help you in your search for your life purpose. Keeping it real and honest earns dividends: - Why do you really believe you are on earth (the real answers that only you need to see) - What are you doing when you feel the most content? (Inner balance) - What are the emotions surrounding this activity? - How else could you get those emotions? What activities enable you to exercise those emotions? - Are any of the above tied to your current life goals and plans? - Keep writing around this and when you hit the answer, you will know. You'll be feeling the emotions that give you the deepest contentment and joy. I suppose this is what it means to follow your heart... doing what feels emotionally consistent with your inner self. Having that means you don't need to justify to anyone else or yourself. You will feel it is the only thing you can do. This can take time and lots of writing or speaking. Getting it out of your head onto paper or audio enables clearing the clutter, and moving from logical reasoning into the emotional pool. You may find out what you don't want to do any more or perhaps why you are still doing it (other than the obvious financial commitment reasoning). It's conceivable the universe is all about balance and movements at atomic levels occur simply to attain balance. In so doing, they set off or get into configurations or permutations that mean something to us at the higher level of effect. If your place has any imbalance then the urge to get into balance is a natural drive at the atomic level. At death, you may have achieved balance, and equalised. The atoms that make you up move to a different plane possibly, never needing to return to earth. Buddhists and Hindus call this liberation. Maybe it's simply a balanced unit of energy moving to a different part of the universe that needs the unit for balance. And if you haven't attained ultimate balance on earth, then at an atomic level your imbalanced configuration reincarnates in a bid again to balance. This is the reincarnation belief, but also possibly, in my mind, a scientific formula and necessity if my theory of balance holds any real water. I think my purpose is to ask questions and try and get or make up acceptable answers...

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