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'At a time when our world is beset by natural and man-made disaster Nina Joshi Ramsey really gets inside the psychology of disasters and the consequences that they wreak. It's a very human book and the proceeds are for a good cause. I recommend it.'  

- Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, President 2015-16, British Psychological Society

1-2-1 Sessions & Packages

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"It really was a great event!  Thank you so so so much!"


“Didn’t really know what to expect but excellent as it was all practical”

- “Loved Nina!”

- "Great to demonstrations and participation”

- “Good to see different techniques of managing stress"

- “Stress is a huge part of our lives and I’m really glad WFTV are helping us manage this + Nina was great!”

Speaking & Hosting Services

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about me
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Hi, I'm Nina Joshi Ramsey - a Stress Management 

Professional here to 

help you manage your stress.

If you experience aching muscles, lack of concentration, sleepless nights, ​and other such symptoms that hinder your goals or enjoyment of life, then you may be experiencing unmanaged stress.


I give talks and workshops to explain common stress symptoms and to share easy and practical techniques to manage those symptoms. You'll be able to use these yourself and show your loved ones too, so they can relieve their stress.


The workshops are currently for ages 16+ and I welcome enquiries from both organisations and individuals.


I also write novels, plays, short stories, non-fictio and now screenplays.

From There to Here.jpg

Penguin Anthology short story

TellTales Global Village.jpg

Global Village Anthology short story

Familiar Strangers 1.jpg

Familiar Strangers -the play manuscript

Readings /  Q & A / Interviews
Hosting Panels / Presenting
Stand-up Comedy
With Shivi & Seli - Lyca Radio 
Panel Co-hosting
Stand-up Comedy

'Within a short space of talking...

Nina had understood my issue. She used a combination of approaches ... I was finally seeing a difference'

'Nina presented two fantastic stress management workshops ... She gave lots of great insights into how the body reacts to stress and loads of tips for how to manage it.


'We were tapping, meditating and sticking post it notes to our body – it was all great fun!


'We hope to work with Nina on similar events again in the future. Our members absolutely loved it:

“Didn’t really know what to expect but it was absolutely excellent”

“Loved the physical techniques that can be employed in the moment”

“Stress is a huge part of our lives and I’m really glad Nina has helped us to manage this!”

“Good to see different techniques of managing stress in terms of what will work immediately/long term.”


Lifewalla - The Novel

Lifewalla the novel
 Stress Management Workshops / Talks
Stress Management Relaxation Audio

"Very soothing and relaxing meditation. Thank you for this. Would love to have more!"

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