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All the time I was working in business, I thought I should be writing. All the time I was writing I thought I should also be working in business. Now I realise perhaps I need to do both to gain full contentment.

I mostly write for myself and am fortunately also published. I also work on private commissioned projects. If you have a propoal, drop me a line. 



The UK edition of my novel, Lifewalla, is raising funds for clincis that help survivors of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. Please visit for more about the book, readings, events, radio interviews, slide shows, and links.


'At a time when our world is beset by natural and man-made disaster Nina Joshi Ramsey really gets inside the psychology of disasters and the consequences that they wreak. It's a very human book and the proceeds are for a good cause. I recommend it.'  


Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes

President, British Psychological Society

Other writing



Penguin Literary Award Winning Entry for 'A Leaky Roof in London' in the Decibel anthology "From There to Here". 



Anthology Prize Winning Entry for 'Through Her Eyes' in the TellTales 4: Global Village 


A play, 'Familiar Strangers' developed with Kali theatre with a staged reading at the Actor's Centre in Covent Garden, London, Jan 2016

Current writing



Adaptation of Lifewalla for the Silver screen. (Materials being readied for industry)


Scripts in Development: 'Hari and the Three Misfits' (for film) & 'Familiar Strangers' (for stage - cast of staged reading pictured) 




Private Biography (of a fascinating individual)

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