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Nina Joshi-Ramsey Left Kenya at fourteen in the violent aftermath of the 1982 military coup to settle in West London. She completed her first novel, RAW SILK, COLD FIRE set in England, India and Kenya; Co-wrote a play, PICKLES, PUJAS AND PIN-UPS, with first act showcased at the Bush Theatre; Writing a second novel, PIPS AND STONES, as part of a Creative Writing MA at Brunel University, under the personal guidance of writer, Fay Weldon. Research help provided by Sir Mark Tully, former BBC correspondent for India, who covered the novel-related incidents of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak and 1987 Deorala sati


"The world is made up of different individuals.  

It's OK to be a different individual"


The best stories get into places that make you see the same thing in a different way. They leave you a slightly different individual. Perhaps it's that which creates parallel universes; what we observe creates our universe, when that changes... Imagine experiencing life with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, foreseeing outcomes, adjusting accordingly. Your life could end up being very different.


Everyone has different ideas about the same things. Ideas change the status quo. Representing ideas in different mediums increases chances of new ideas. There is a lot of life to interpret, capture and communicate. Each of us, with our different blueprints, do it in a different way. If this appeals and you would like to share your ideas please get in touch.



(Funding free clinics for the survivors)


Haunted by memories of all she has lost, Dilkhush returns to her former hometown where a gas disaster killed thousands, including her daughter and husband. Now those responsible are back and Dilkhush struggles to heed a priest’s warnings to avoid revenge and forgive instead. From the moment she gets off the bus and lets the past in, a mysterious chain of events unravels.


She meets her former landlady, the old owl, and encounters a band of survivors who face life's struggles together, and try to retain courage and dignity. Just as Dilkhush begins to imagine a different reality for herself, a powerful nemesis emerges from her past, but not before unexpected allies vow to help her. There is Dalya, MBBS, Master of Bribes and Bargain Services, Sick Sikh, the disaster entrepreneur, and  Salman, the enigmatic supporter. Yet Dilkhushcannot imagine peace without her daughter. She stops at nothing to scour the depths of her soul for an answer. How is she to know the present would rush at her with startling revelations and unbearable pain, unlocking the darkest of secrets and the brutal truth about her life, yet with the possibility of liberating her for an inspiring rebirth.




Original Artwork

The Author has also created original artwork for the 30th year

of the Bhopal Gas Disaster, 



Advance Reader e-Copy


Donate to support the free clinics through the Bhopal Medical Appeal and download our thank you gift of the Advance Reader e-Copy of Lifewalla (in Kindle, PDF or other e-reader format) 

(Available before release; 100% of all 30th anniv. profits go to survivor clinics supported by BMA)



The Author has also created original artwork for the 30th year

of the Bhopal Gas Disaster, 


Lifewalla is an unforgettable portrait of loss and pain, and a deeply moving story of the humanity experienced in a family of strangers. It is a heart-wrenching story of unbearable events, of lost generations, and the human instinct to grapple for any means to survive, with indestructible hope.


Lifewalla is a beautiful story that explores the profound psychological impacts [of] disasters ... We are proud it tells the story of so many inspirational survivors' - Bhopal Medical Appeal


'It is poetic... [with] a very emotional climax... [and still a lot of it] is funny ... All the comebacks and retorts... Really enjoyable to read... A great book for a great cause' - Advance Reader and Donor


'Thank you for caring for people... I hope millions buy it'  - Book Blurb Editor

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