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The work done with me used to be termed under various areas: Confidence, anxiety, clear thinking, decision-making, negative beliefs, and relationship issues, platonic, business and personal. Much of this is now approached under the umbrella of stress management. Over time, having read appropriate research and conducting some myself,  it became obvious many of the presenting issues were symptoms of  change from homeostasis: acute or chronic stress. Research shows that balance in life enables us to maintain homeostasis in our physiology. Stress in any area alters the balance, instigating the physiological stress response. This diverts all energy towards body functions that are needed for immediate survival, taking away energy from other functions.  It is an evolutionary hang-up of physical survival, which has been the exclusive dominant need for millions of years. We inherited this automatic response from the time of, or before, our single-cell ancestral starting point. Yet much of the stresses today are psychological and need more subtle responses. It took millions of years to perfect the physical survival response. It may take an equal amount for humans to evolve more suitable responses.


In the meantime, we need to do something else. Accepting our templates, and learning to manage performance is a good option. By leveraging what we know, we do what best serves us. One of the main take-aways from the work I've done is offloading issues is itself a stress-relieving activity. After all, it helps one to stop, reflect, talk through the situation, breath, live in the moment, all of which help to reduce stress and clear mental space. The stress response can be useful, where a level of control in the situation exists. But this needs awareness and management, and also to be turned off after an episode, otherwise  ongoing loops can instigate chronic stress. That latter situation creates an energy crisis in other functions including the mind and immune system. As a result, ill health, tiredness, foggy thinking, negative/over-cautious/pessimistic/confrontational thinking patterns can become the norm, even though they were originally instigated by stressful episodes. The parasympathetic system is the one that is dominant during homeostasis. It is called the 'rest and relax' system, which is self-explanatory, and helps reverse the stress response. Much of the work I do is around that and unpacking issues.





1:1 Sessions

Working one to one:

  • one hour once or twice a week

  • in person at my office or via Skype

  • I recommend between 3 and 6 sessions



Giving talks on topics such as how to manage the mind, hypnosis and how to eat.



Teaching half and full day workshops. Workshops can also be tailored to specific requirements.


Bespoke Training

Tailor made programmes for companies and individuals who want to work on specific areas.


Courses and Retreats

Teaching courses and retreats including

  • Emotional Eating 8 week Course

  • SHA Wellness Centre, ‘Emotional Eating/Love Your Life’ 3 day retreat – October 2014


The Life Class School

Teaching YOU how to become a coach yourself

Next enrolment date is January 2015


Session times

All timezones are supported. If you are in any doubt about session star time, please check this page



Prices are dependent on the focus of work and approaches. Indicative charges are:

Consultation/double session (90-120 mins): £70-£120

Regular session (50 mins): £50-£70




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