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What is Emotion Transformation?

If break down emotion transformation in it's component parts. That will make it very obvious what we do working in this area.


Emotions: What are they? Well, there is a great video on this page that succinctly describes what emotions are in our bodies. But I will talk a little around that too here. We are mostly all familiar with how various emotions feel. Some make us feel good, some don't. We can label them: anger, happiness, sadness, being hurt; but it is also true that we can recognise the physiological manifestations of emotions within ourselves and often in others too. Psychologists call 'guessing' another's state of mind 'Theory of mind.'




Practical application:


When it can be used:



Unlike older energy modalities, EmoTrance was developed by DIRECT OBSERVATION of cause and effect of how energy actually really works with MODERN PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD.

This means that for the first time in the history of humanity, a practical system for energy healing and energy working was developed by a team led by women, and which did not exclude any human being, including women and children, in both theory as well as practice.

EmoTrance has a strong theory as its backbone, which is also something that is often missing from older approaches. This theory is explained in simple terms in The EmoTrance Primer, which can be found in the EmoTrance yearbook and on the main EmoTrance website.

From this theory upward, SIMPLE, PRACTICAL approaches to working with energy directly as it is being experienced through the physical body were developed and tested, and EmoTrance as we know it today was first presented at the Oxford Energy Psychology Conference in 2002.


Some of the core features of EmoTrance include:

- NO guesswork. The person is asked where they feel emotional pain (which according to EmoTrance theory is a disturbance in the energy body) in their body and to actually show with their hands where the pain is located. Now, both the client AND the practitioner KNOW FOR A FACT where the injury or disturbance is located, and both can get to work on healing this disturbance right away.


- NO special talents required. EVERY human being has an energy body, and this energy body has healing hands of energy. By simply focusing on the disturbance and beginning to work with the energy there DIRECTLY, you can FEEL THE CHANGES in the energy body happening in real time. This is UNPRECEDENTED energy work for everyone!

- NO hierarchy. In EmoTrance treatments, the client and practitioner WORK TOGETHER to clear the energy disturbance and to re-establish The Even Flow, the natural state of the energy body with the disturbance repaired. The practitioner asks the client for feedback throughout the treatment and proceeds accordingly, always working with WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING at the time. This is called "The Client Practitioner Dance".

- No need for talking ABOUT the problem. The problem is an energy disturbance that should be resolved as quickly as possible and by focusing on the problem itself, rather than talking ABOUT it, healing is swift, elegant and very profound.

- No need for studying charts and points about the energy system. During the EmoTrance treatment, where the energy needs to flow and what needs to be done becomes revealed AUTOMATICALLY as each individual client has their own individual experiences. This is a NATURAL process as the energy body always strives to heal itself and the practitioner and the client SUPPORT THE NATURAL HEALING PROCESS throughout.

- EmoTrance is not JUST for energy healing. It is also about learning to take in more energy from the environment - nature, other people, art, animals, EVERYTHING has energy to give! - and by doing this, becoming far more energized. When this happens, a person starts to feel good, alive, and their thinking becomes clearer and more expansive. EmoTrance does not just alleviate bad feelings, it goes the other way to create GOOD FEELINGS which is a natural side effect when energy flows freely through the systems of a person.

- EmoTrance, once learned, is a LIFE SKILL. Being able to work with one's own energy system IN THE MOMENT, in real life, in direct response to the environment and the situations one finds oneself in, allows someone who knows about EmoTrance to protect themselves MUCH better, to handle emotions in a whole different way, and to extract joy and energy from the environment much more profoundly. This leads to a HEALTHIER energy system and a much HAPPIER human being - in any circumstance of modern life.

EmoTrance is extremely NATURAL and EASY TO LEARN because it works WITH the natural energy system and uses people's NATURALLY INBORN abilities to work with energy.

A two day live practitioner training or the offical EmoTrance correspondence course will give a person all they need to get started with EmoTrance for self help, and to help others.

EmoTrance is IMMENSELY userfriendly, completely NATURAL, and BEAUTIFULLY designed for today's modern human beings, including women and children.

It does not conflict with any religion or faith because it simply seeks to restore the proper conditions in the energy system - "to put to rights what once went wrong" and is very logical both in theory as well as in practice.




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