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Have you tried EVERYTHING and still nothing has worked?


  • Do you eat when you are bored?

  • Do you eat when you are happy?

  • Do you eat when you are sad or upset?

  • Do you eat when you are angry?

  • Do you eat when you are frustrated?

  • Do you continue to eat once you are full?

  • Do you eat very quickly?

  • Do you eat standing up?

  • Do you love sweet foods and find they are a comfort?

  • Do you love salty foods and find they are a comfort?

  • Do you try every new ‘diet’ and have you tried many diets in the past?

  • Do you suffer from body image problems and believe yourself to be bigger or smaller than you think you really are?


If any of the above applies, then you have FINALLY come to the right place. I can show you how to stop the cycle of body hatred and yo-yo dieting and how to stop the ‘fad diets’ because they don’t work (if they did, there would be no need to keep going on them). I can teach you how to get off the hamster wheel and learn to love yourself fully.

With over 20 years’ life experience I help people find total freedom from food obsession and compulsion.  Having been there myself I have all the tools to help you. I have helped hundreds of clients to finally achieve their ultimate goals of losing weight, feeling great, find their own freedom from food obsession or compulsion and loving the journey along the way.

I will help you remove your self limiting beliefs and change the way you think about food and weight once and for all.

If you really want food sanity get in touch today. The results will speak for themselves.




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