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Phobias and fears can range from a fear of flying, vomiting, swimming, spiders and dogs to exam nerves, dentists, doctors and illness.


Phobias and fears are where your mind has been ‘set’ to protect you.  Your brain has taken a single situation or event and learnt enough from it to trigger an unconscious, protective response from that point on.  For example, say you saw a spider as a little child and called for your mother and when she saw it she panicked, freaked out and screamed.  From her reaction you will have immediately learnt that the spider is dangerous.


When you next saw a spider you would react in the same way your mother did because you will have ‘learnt’ to panic, freak out and scream. Your mind believes it is protecting you.


The mind only needs an 80% match to the original negative situation and the phobia or fear can snowball, for example a fear of dogs can extend to other animals such as cats and birds.


The good news is that your unconscious mind knows the origins of the original event.  Advanced structured hypnosis is a brilliant technique to find the root cause and help to overcome the phobia or fear once and for all. Using this form of hypnosis means that even though the mind learnt from the original event, it can unlearn and heal just as quickly.




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