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We are a product of our evolutionary past and this has provided us with insights to use, even for our highest of endeavours. This aspect has fascinated me so much, I started working with stress coaching almost exclusively because it seemed to be foundational to approaching most issues. I researched appropriate studies as well as conducted one of my own. In coaching situations, it was becoming clear that many of the issues I was working with



were symptoms of acute or chronic stress, which is the body's veering away from homeostasis. Regaining balance from stress seemed to release the resources needed for the challenge in question. 


That is why I approach a lot of performance and resilience work through the lens of stress now. Although we know that aspects of ourselves are purely mechanical in their biology, we don't often spend the necessary time managing these. They often seem a hinderance - an inconvenience. Some are connected to our emotional/psychological triggers and reactions. They can affect us at the most challenging of times. On stage. In challenging business negotiations. In space! Often people assume that changing these subtle aspects is difficult. It can be, but there are ways that can help fast. With meditation even the heartbeat can be slowed down consiously, which instigates the parasympathetic system, creating relaxation. Variations of these approaches tocan effect speedy change. It's a simple and an effective start. 


Having worked with various aspects in performance, business and personal arenas, one thing is clear. The fact that we are human in all those situations means we can use the same tools in each setting. Situations encountered include work or personal relationships, confidence-cementing, tough decision-making, anxiety, anger or reaction-management, authenticity-acceptance managing difficult feelings, etc. The likelhood also is the people you are facing are also managing themsleves. 




Stress is a much overused label and therefore has often become a cliched experience. How many times have we heard or said, 'I am so stressed', when what is meant is, 'I am under a lot of pressure.' Or vice versa. Knowing the difference is a bit like knowing the difference between the common cold and influenza. Stress carries stigma sometimes and other times complacency. It's effects are, in fact, entirely underestmated. Taking it on in the same way as one would a daily health and hygiene route can reveal unexpected surprises. And don't I love those when working with myself or anyone else!


Taking a multi-session format, we start by talking about the current experience, the desired outcome and areas that may be contributing to any imbalance. These are different for each person. The aim during each session is to relieve stress immediately in one part of the equation, test it and observe the experience between sessions. Then start on the next part. It is a journey. The revelations and insights can be straightforward or completely astounding. We can use talking or other means in the toolkit. Listening is the most important part. Then we create space, maybe for some pretty amazing outcomes. 


If you'd like to introduce an ongoing positive impact in your work or personal life, or would like to organise training for a group to learn the approaches I use, please contact me. 

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