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It works! Andy Murray Wins

Andy Murray won! It works....I am obviously taking credit for the post-winning mindset energies I sent! After all, I dedicated a whole blogette to his winning, and sent a mail to his very experienced coach, which of course I am sure got to him directly, and which he followed up immediately, obviously leading to a win on Sep 10th 2012... need I say more? ;) My email below, sent 8th July 2012, when Murray lost to Federer in Wimbledon. Dear Ivan, If you are indeed Murray's coach, you're the person I'm seeking to connect to. Although today was difficult, it was, as you acknowledge I'm sure, a mountain step forwards for your team and Murray. The belief is close to becoming a reality. I, like you, also work with mental hurdles and thought you might be interested in a link about today's challenge. I would love to do and learn some work in this area with you if at all possible. If after reading the article and exploring my site about the kind of core resource work I do there is interest form your end or the team's, I would consider it a privilege to work with something that benefits my country. best regards, ... I am not sure why he hasn't yet called me up for a 100K a year job... And now for extra enjoyment. Isn't the commentary just fantastic?

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